Reading at Falconbrook School

At Falconbrook School we aim for all of our children to enjoy reading and to take pleasure in spending time with a good book. In order for children to achieve this they need to be supported to learn a range of reading skills. Our aim is to give them these skills as quickly as possible.

Below is an overview of the reading opportunities for children at Falconbrook School

Reading Activity

Further Information


(Sounds of letters or groups of letters in words) are introduced to children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

  • Letters & Sounds phonics scheme is used in Early Years and Key Stage 1.
  • Read Write Inc phonics scheme  is used in Key Stage 1 and lower KS2  for additional phonics support



Reciprocal Reading 

Reciprocal Reading addresses 4 important comprehension strategies: predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarising. It is organised in mixed ability groups, maximum of 6 children per group. Three types of questions are planned and discussed: looking questions, clue questions and thinking questions.


Reciprocal Reading lessons take place in all classes every day.


The following activities take place during Guided Reading lessons:

  • Class teacher works with a group
  • TA reads with a group
  • Independent reading activities
  • Paired reading
  • Reading comprehension activities

Reading Partners

  • St Thomas’ Reading Partners-  some children in Year 4  read with volunteer readers at lunchtime
  • Falconbrook Reading Partners- children in Year 6 read with children in Year 1 & 2 at lunchtime

Classroom Reading Areas

& selecting books

All classes have their own Reading Area. The books in this area are organised into Learning Books and Free Choice Books.

  • Learning books: These are books selected by the class teacher to match the current learning needs of each child. Children are supported to select an appropriate learning book to read in school, and at home. (Also see Homework Policy). Class teachers make sure that children regularly change their learning books (regularity depends on age group & length of book).
  • Free choice books: These are books that are kept in the class reading area and in the school library. As well as selecting a learning book, children also select another of their own choice. This book is their free choice book

Home Reading &

Reading Diaries

See also Homework Policy


  • All children take a reading book home with them each night (see learning books above). They are expected to read at home every evening.
  • Class teachers ensure that children have at least one book each night that is at their current reading level (learning book). 
  • They may also decide to take home another book that it not at their level, because they wish to browse it, or have someone at home read it to them (free choice book). Class teachers make sure that parents are aware of which book it is at the child’s reading level (learning book) & which book is for ‘browsing’ (free choice).
  • The learning book is chosen on Monday and returned on Friday. If this is a chunky book, e.g. novel book, additional time is given (e.g. 2 weeks).
  • KS2 + Year 2: All children have their own Reading Diary. Parents are encouraged to sign the diary each time they read at home with their child. Children write a comment in this diary when they read at home. It is the class teacher’s responsibility to ensure that parents & children are aware of the expectations for using the Reading Diaries.
  • Early Years + Year 1: All children have their own Reading Diary. Parents are encouraged to write a comment when they read with their child.
  • Reading Diaries are monitored by Class Teacher every week.
Parent & Child Reading Sessions Parents are invited to come and read with their child every Friday at 9.00 – 9.30 am. This is a special moment when parents and children share and enjoy unique reading experiences together.

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