Success is…

Time – Effort – Deliberate Practise – Input

This is what makes the Falconbrook learner an effective learner.

Here are some children who have shown us how they have used TEDI to be successful in their homelearning.


Zarish Chatha

Zarish it is clear you have shown TEDI when writing this report on Jamaica. You spent time researching to find out all the facts you needed. You also spent time putting the facts into sentences and carefully publishing your work. I can see the effort you have put into your sentences, making sure they all start with different sentence starters and have all the correct information. All your hard work has meant you have written a great report that teaches people a lot about the country of Jamaica. You should be very proud of your work!










Mohammed Ayaan Asif 

This week, I have decided my TEDI will go to Ayaan. His amazing creativity was used to create a dog using cups! It is clear he is using the input of our topic ‘Pets and Parks’ to further his understanding! I know that TEDI is super proud of your work! Keep up the great work, Ayaan I can’t wait to see what you make next! 

Iman Asif – Steer Class

Iman you have done some fantastic research for our under the sea topic! I can see you spent the time finding out lots of different information about star fish and dolphins. On the phone you told me all the things you had learnt. You put effort into writing your facts down in neat writing with lovely pictures. Great job Iman

Ilham Ahmed – Steer Class

I was amazed by how much time and effort Ilham put into his Art homework over the half term. It is clear that he has thought carefully about the theme for the Art project and included a variety of different things that show ‘happiness’. I love the thought and creativity that has gone into your work Ilham!


Erlis Beqiri – Fawkes Class

Erlis has been working really hard at home on his Maths. He has been putting in lots of time, effort and deliberate practise with subtraction on a number line and as a result is able to solve problems. Well done Erlis, keep up the hard work!

Ayyub Mohamoud – Year 4
Ayyub has applied TEDI when writing his report on Ghana. Ayyub clearly put in lots of time researching interesting facts about Ghana, and publish his work on the computer. It is also noticeable hoe much effort Ayyub put in when creating this report as it is eye-catching and includes lots of pictures. 
Well done for your hard work Ayyub!


Nafis Miah – Hamill Class

Nafis has written a Non-Chronological Report about Somalia. It is fantastic to see that he has used all elements of TEDI to make his writing informative. Nafis has spent time researching all about Somalia and used the input from his reading to summarise his findings in his own words.  He then drafted his work before typing it up, ensuring that he had included his success criteria. This drafting and redrafting deliberate practise has ensured that his work is clear and contains the features of a Non-chronological report. The entire piece of work  has shown a staggering amount of effort and so he has something very special that he should be proud of.

Click here to read it.


Sabrina Khan – Steer Class

Sabrina you have clearly applied TEDI when writing your brilliant Jamaican fairy tale. I know you put lots of time into your research and you shared all the facts you had learnt with me on the phone. This helped you to create a setting and character for your fairy tale. You carefully used the input from the home learning to help you with the structure of your fairy tale. A great effort Sabrina – well done!

Reyan Mohammedbirehan – McAlpine Class

Reyan from Year 5 did his own special research project on John Farnworth, football freestyle and researched lots about his amazing skills and facts about his achievements. 

Not only that, Reyan went above and beyond! He put the Time and Effort into not just finding out facts about how John Farnworth is successful at football freestyling but also about how his mindset and brain works to allow him to become so successful in this! 

What fantastic scientific and researcher skills Reyan! Now we know all about  new facts about John Farnworth and about the parts of my brain I need to learn and grow!


Osman and Kamillah Khan – Miles Class and Hamill Class

I would like to give the TEDI award to Osman in Miles class and his sister Kamillah. Kamillah offered some great input to help her brother practise counting fruit. Osman then spent time making his very own number flash cards. Well done! 


Zainab Ahmed – Mansouri Class

Zainab’s snake puppet showed that she put time and effort into her learning. By making a puppet she was able to use it to help her to remember and retell the Gruffalo. I am so incredibly proud of the effort you have put into your puppet and I’m sure TEDI is too! 🙂