Respect – Care – Aspire

At Falconbrook our vision is to provide a caring, safe and inclusive environment which supports creativity and encourages the aspirations of our children and our community
We want our children, our staff and our communities to develop and achieve – constantly learning, reflecting and innovating so that we are delivering our best, and our best keeps getting better.

Our Values

• Respect, so that our children, our families and our staff feel safe and welcome.
• Equality, so that differences are embraced, and everyone is included and celebrated.
• Kindness, so that Falconbrook is a place where everyone feels safe, nurtured and happy and enjoy making others feel the same way too.
• Honesty, so that our children know the importance of being trustworthy, reliable and fair.
• Responsibility, so that our children demonstrate the right learning and social behaviours, and make a positive contribution to their families, community and society.
• Determination, so that everyone thinks with a growth mind-set and doesn’t give up even when things get hard.

British Values

British Values Statement

At Falconbrook we are fortunate that our pupils, families and staff come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

We are proud of the diversity of our school, and of the role we play in supporting the development of individuals who will have the tools, skills and confidence to make a positive contribution to their local communities, and beyond.

The Department for Education states that there is a need:

“To create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

At Falconbrook we believe that our school reflects British values in all that we do. We actively promote British values in the following ways:


  • Learning the history of the birth of democracy is written into the school’s curriculum.
  • Learning the history of the British Parliament, as well as its purpose and organisation is written into the school’s curriculum.
  • Pupils are encouraged to debate topics of interest and express their views.
  • Children take an active role in the setting of school rules and expectations of behaviour. For example the creation of the school’s Code of Conduct.
  • School Council members are elected and represent the views of their peers at meetings.

Rule of Law:

  • The school has a clear positive behaviour management policy which is underpinned by the school Code of Conduct.
  • Children are supported to follow the Code of Conduct, but if poor choices are made, children understand that they will have to take responsibility for their own actions, and make amends as necessary.
  • Pupils are helped to distinguish between right and wrong, in the classroom, during assemblies and in the playground.
  • Pupils are encouraged to respect the law and Falconbrook enjoys visits from services such as the Fire and Police service, and Wandsworth Early Intervention Team to help reinforce the message.

Individual Liberty:

  • At Falconbrook pupils are encouraged, and given the freedom to make choices in the knowledge that they are doing so in a safe and supportive environment.
  • We develop the self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence of all of our pupils.
  • Children are supported to know and understand their rights and personal freedoms. They are taught how to exercise these safely, for example through E-Safety lessons.
  • Vulnerable pupils are protected at school, and pastoral support is targeted towards any pupils identified as being ‘at risk’.
  • Any form of bullying is dealt with swiftly by both the teaching and support staff. The head teacher follows-up on all incidents of identified bullying.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of Those with Different Faiths and Beliefs.

  • Treating everyone with equal respect is the first item on the school Code of Conduct.
  • Pupils understand that respect is shown to everyone, both adults and children.
  • We help children to develop an understanding of, and a respect for their own and other cultures.
  • The study of all major religions and different cultures is written into the school’s curriculum.

Through the RE and PHSE curriculum pupils are encouraged to discuss and respect differences and similarities between people.