Remote learning slides and activities

Friday 25th September

Happy Friday Year 2,


Hope your learning went well yesterday. Thank you to those who sent me reflections, please make sure you send it to  each day with a sentence or two about how you got on in your learning today. 


Here is your learning for today.


English: Slides 30 – 33. Grammar. Using apostrophes to show possession. You use an apostrophe to show something belongs to someone

e.g Miss Steer’s class

Select a picture and write a sentence including an apostrophe  for possession. 

Click here to download the slides and activity 

Click here to download the letter


Mathsis page 38- 41. Continue to practise telling the time. Also using your knowledge of the clock you will work out how much time has passed. 

Click here to download the slides

Click here to download the activity


Yoga: Follow the yoga story and copy the poses

Click here


Remember to spend some time reading and practicing your number skills or times tables.


I look forward to reading your reflection later today. Remember to email it to by 4pm today. Have fun!