School Meals

School Lunches

At Falconbrook School all pupils in Reception and KS1 are provided with a free school lunch. This is paid for by the government.

For children in Nursery and KS2 the cost of a school lunch is £2.65 per day.

Please pay for your child’s school lunch in advance. Payment should be made online through School App.  Please down load the App.  The office staff will be happy to help you with this or with any questions you may have. We do not accept payment in cash.

By arrangement with the school office children can opt to bring in a packed lunch.  This should be sent in with the child at the start of the day. Children may swap between school dinners and packed lunches once a term, changes mid term are not allowed.

Click hereto see a copy of the current menu.

Special Menu Days

Once a term we have a special menu day where we invite all children to have school lunch for that day. It’s an opportunity for all to try the lunches that our kitchen provides for £2.65. Details of these special lunches will be sent to you through the School Gateway app.

Packed Lunches:

At Falconbrook Primary School we promote healthy living and eating. Topics that support children to understand why keeping themselves healthy is important are written into our curriculum framework.

We believe that it is important that children develop healthy eating habits from a young age.

The following should not be included in your child’s packed lunch:

  • Chocolate or chocolate covered biscuits
  • Fizzy or sugary drinks
  • Glass bottles
  • Crisps
  • Sweets
  • Cakes
  • Biscuits
  • Take-away food (hot or cold) including chips/fried chicken/burgers in buns

A healthy packed lunch could include:

  • Sandwiches and / or Salad
  • A piece of fruit

Children do not need to bring a drink to school, as drinks of water are available both in the dining room and outside in the playground.

Packed Lunches for School Trips:

Children, who bring a packed lunch from home for a school trip, should also follow the guidance above.