Monday 4th January 2021

Falconbrook Primary School will be closed to children on Monday 4th January 2021...

Reception Admissions Sep 2021

Apply for a Reception place at Falconbrook for September 2021 – deadline ...

Weekly Head Teacher letters

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Nursery vacancies

Application being accepted for an immediate Nursery place. All nursery age child...

Welcome to our website.

Falconbrook is a happy and caring school with a strong sense of community. We enjoy working, learning and celebrating together.

The children at Falconbrook are a delight.  The staff team are dedicated and committed to providing our pupils with the best educational opportunities possible.

We are an aspirational school and have high expectations for both the education and behaviour of all of our pupils. We strive for excellence for all members of our school community.

Our vision for Falconbrook School is that every child achieves the best possible outcomes and that ‘no child is left behind’.

School tours for Reception September 2021 places are available now, please book your place with the office or 0207 228 7706.

Mrs Stella Smith
Head Teacher

Term Dates



Autumn Term 2020

Wed 2nd Sept 2020 – Fri 4th Sept 2020 & Fri 2nd October INSET

Mon 7th Sept – 23rd Oct 2020 – 38 days 


Half Term Holiday
Mon 26th Oct 2020 – Fri 30th Oct 2020


Mon 2nd Nov 2020 – Fri 18th Dec 2020 – 35 days

Spring Term 2021

Mon 4th Jan 2021 – Thu 11th Feb 2021 – 30 days
Fri 12th Feb INSET


Half Term Holiday
Mon 15th  Feb 2021 to Fri 19th Feb 2021


Mon 22nd Feb 2021 – Wed 31st Mar 2021 – 28 days

Summer Term 2021

Mon 19th April 2021 – Fri 28th May 2021 – 29 days
(NB May Day Bank Holiday on 3rd May 2021)


Half Term Holiday
Mon 31st May 2021 – Fri 4th June 2021


Mon 7th June 2021 – Fri 23rd July 2021 – 35 days